Recycled and Sustainable

We work with leading recycled material manufacturers Unifi and have a good selection of polyester fabrics made, amongst other materials from recycled plastic bottles. Enka supply us with certified sustainable viscose and viscose derived from bamboo pulp.

Bamboo Viscose

Bamboo Viscose

We are now able to offer a 100% Viscose lining with the weft yarn derived from bamboo pulp, the ecological benefits from using this type of lining vs a Viscose sourced from wood pulp are considerable.

  • Easily absorbs dye stuffs so requires less processing.
  • Resistant to insects and diseases, no chemical fertilisers/pesticides and very limited irrigation.
  • Rapid Growth – bamboo grows at a rate of around 30m in two years, compared to standard tree growth of 30 years.
  • 100% Biodegradable and certified.
  • 98% UV Resistant.
  • Absorbs moisture and releases quickly, so extremely breathable and fresh.
  • Elastic feel, but soft hand feel like cashmere/silk yarns.

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Organic Cotton

Offered alongside our 100% Cotton range (B850) we can now offer an Organic alternative, produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial chemicals. This fabric is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), a copy of which can be provided upon request.

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Recycled Polyester

Recycled Polyester

Jessgrove has created a partnership with Unifi, a global textile provider and one of the world’s leading innovators in manufacturing synthetic and recycled performance fibres. Through REPREVE®, one of Unifi’s propriety technologies Jessgrove can offer a unique and innovative recycled product.

REPREVE® transforms PET (food standard) plastic bottles into yarn fibre, these fibres are then woven in the weft, allowing us to offer a cost effective and more sustainable product.


Using REPREVE® recycled materials offsets using new petroleum, emitting fewer greenhouse gases and conserving water and energy in the process.

Since the launch of REPREVE®, Unifi has recycled more than 12 billion plastic bottles and aims to recycle 30 billion plastic bottles by 2022

Through the U Trust verification program we are able to provide customers with a high level of transparency.

FiberPrint technology helps avoid false environmental claims. This technology validates the authenticity of REPREVE® yarn and confirms the percentage of recycled yarn used in the product.

Fabrics made using REPREVE® yarn are certified by external third parties.

Jessgrove are committed to offering retailers and manufacturers more sustainable options to help reduce the carbon footprint in the apparel sector.

We are able to provide third party certification verifying the inclusion of the recycled fibres, please get in touch to speak to a colleague.

The products we can currently offer with recycled polyester elements are:

  • RY200 (54% recycled content) SU200 (100% recycled). Most popular quality, lightweight, polyester taffeta.
  • RY002 (55% recycled content). Posh polyester, Wispa taffeta.
  • RY121 (42% recycled content). Soft touch polyester.
  • RY755 (42% recycled content). Polyester with mechanical stretch.
  • RY203 (100% recycled content). Polyester with mechanical stretch.
  • RY103 (68% recycled content). Robust, heavier-weight polyester taffeta.
  • RY101 (53% recycled content). Robust, mid-weight polyester taffeta.
  • RY845 (44% recycled content). Steep polyester twill.
  • RY890 (51% recycled content). Polyester sleeve lining, we can also produce any other design with recycled content.
  • RY900 (44% recycled content) SU900 (100% recycled). Weight-reduced polyester twill, soft finish.
  • RY910 (45% recycled content) SU910 (100% recycled). Polyester twill.
  • RY946 (57% recycled content). Polyester dobby, polka dot design.
  • RY982 (45% recycled) SU982 (100% recycled). Uniform-weight polyester taffeta.
  • VP3030 (56% sustainably sourced viscose, 44% recycled polyester). Viscose polyester twill.

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Recycled Viscose

Sustainable Viscose and Recycled Polyester

If you’d prefer to have a cellulosic element, we have produced a lining with Sustainable Enka viscose and REPREVE® recycled polyester to offer a more comfortable, easy-to-wear and premium lining.

The sustainable Viscose sourced by Enka. The wood pulp is all obtained from one supplier, with limited land-use, no irrigation, no pesticides and isn’t in competition with food growing.

Following independent verification audit results from Canopy and the Rainforest Alliance which showed Enka are the first filament yarn producer to be marked as low risk for sourcing from ancient and endangered forests.

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