Transfer, rotary screen and digital printing are all possible on any base material for customers wanting their own design and we also have a very extensive range of pre-printed designs available.


There are multiple methods of printing that are used.

We are able to offer multiple products as bases for printing in both standard and recycled, including P800, weight reduced version of our polyester satin (P272); and P900, weight reduced version of our polyester twill (P910), and also PR300T our recycled polyester spandex option.

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Heat transfer printing prints a chosen pattern on paper with carefully selected dyes, the pattern is then transferred from the paper to the fabric by passing them both through a hot calander machine.

Rotary Screen printing

This is where up to six colours are pressed through holes on a cylindrical mesh tube onto a substrate that then comes out with your chosen design.

Digital Printing

When printing a design using Digital Printing, a digital image is sent directly to the printing machine, this does have a higher cost per metre compared with other methods, but does remove the need for creating screens, this is ideal for smaller batches / prints required with a fast turnaround.

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Examples of some of the designs we are able to offer

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